Moon Songs


Midnight pen and paper love stories have been on a long humid vacation. Tonight, it’s raining. I will write. The spiral in my head wants a rest, but it keeps on spinning, singing to the vanishing eye. My heart is palpitating like the pushing and pulling of tides in a vast ocean. The dim bulb is flickering, and humming: when what I cherish dies, love alone stays. For the miles we are apart and the trains that drag us closer to each other, there is a song. The moon usually sings it to us when we take a break from the road and sleep on the shore of our tides. The beat bellows into our deaf ears. Tonight, I am learning to listen to my tides, and the spiral in my head. I am learning to restart a childhood and eat mangoes in the middle of a night. I am learning to climb and fall off bunk-beds. I am feeling alive. I am breathing. I can hear the purple sky dance with the moon and the dark green mango leaves. I can sleep and snore. I can sigh. I can love. Lovely!

One Comment on “Moon Songs”

  1. joel suganth says:

    >Moon songs- i like.mangoes at midnight- i like alsochildhood- i like the memories i made out of it.its strange how words can be so exciting and wonderful in such a way a sentence cannot be.after reading this post, i remember certain words in it that makes me feel wonderful.. ( …. and estha smiled loudly)(..A roy wrote that)

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