doing the dishes

there are many reasons I forget to blog. Sometimes, thoughts go into notebooks. Maybe, I’ve forgotten how glued I could get to blogs. Alternatively, after all the work of posting and editing on chai kadai, sometimes I don’t like to look at a blog. But, somehow there’s always something that comes by after a few days that reminds of you of things you put pain into creating. for me, today its Ai Weiwei. As I am writing something on him for chaikadai, I bought myself a copy of Ai Weiwei Speaks today. While cleaning the maggots in my kitchen, pouring vinegar and hot water over myself, down the sink, I take small quick peeks at the book.

Exhibition poster for exhibition "So sorr...

the coffee mugs are brewing in a clogged sink of hot water. I have some time. A good amount of time to throw here. nowadays, the feeling of me not being up to something comes very rarely so that is a good thing. but coffee and smoke are what occupy most of the time.

thinking about too many things today. shall be back in a while.

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