the plans are not foiled

one chaikadai done. two emails done. three translations happening. not bad for a start. anyway, before that I thought some writing is good.

the past week has been about Tamil, nuclear energy, and Ai Weiwei. some new ideas, some new projects have also cropped up as interludes. a notebook, which we couldn’t really begin because of the full-chennai retailers bandh. Ai Weiwei still being read. Nuclear Energy only a few pages of a few documents left. So, now time for:


is new media effective? what about live streaming? what about global reach? but are blogs and internet just a place where people come to rant? is ranting bad?  and are most people who come to the internet as impervious to dialogue as they are when you meet them in real physical life? can’t interactive design actually help?

more questions:

what am i doing? where could i bring together art, theatre, film, writing, and blogging? do they all belong together or they are all too different? why do i like to do so many things? would it be better to focus? are people actually interested in any of this? and does that matter?


will be back. some work to finish.

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