coughing. sneezing. for a while now. been working on the stork gif. reading. eating. watching my family, a british comedy series. don’t really feel like getting out of the house today. my head is heavy. but, i just have to.

been thinking about police brutality, nuclear energy, and flying. after posting mr. v pugazhenthi’s letter on chaikadai, the first comment was from mr. m g hariharan. he runs a blog called understanding ramayana. and is also a part of the yahoo group Indian News Window, which posts and shares largely things about how Hindus should take over Muslims. so. he said, I should probably shut off the electricity at my place before i talk about nuclear energy. he comments on most things we publish, usually anything that sounds to him like anarchy or communism. he has asked to shut up several times. But, that’s the fun of internet, the most people like this can do is block the blog and not what we speak.

i am ready for 20 hour load shedding cut. i can live with it. anyway, the power goes off half the time at my place. i might have to live in poes garden to get unlimited uninterrupted power supply. also, maybe he just doesn’t want to even hear our arguments against nuclear energy.

i agree with what jeny told us:

Lenin said “Choose your battle” . I think you shouldn’t choose to engage with him. He can go on ranting like a superficial idiot. When some one can not dialogue and dialogue with some kind of sense they don’t have to be engaged with. Save up your energy to irritate him even more 🙂

i have to go out into the roads. have a meeting. hopefully, i shall get over this thing that’s refusing to let me move.



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