there’s a cockroach in my room


been making calls. it might be better if more people pick up the calls. spent an entire day not knowing my phone was in silent. missed a few calls on my part too. anyway…

two nights back there was a cockroach running about in my room. since the lights were off, every time it scuttled across i got a little shocked, until I saw it relaxing on the laptop. i was trying to see what i could get in my hand, to just shoo it away from my sight. a shampoo bottle, which actually had no business next to the bed, came handy. two seconds after shooing it away, i became a melancholic melodramatic idiot, just in whispers though.


tortoise coil. goodnight repellent.



when i was five or six, i didn’t have much tolerance for cockroaches, lizards, and ants. i used to carry around baba’s (my father) big rubber chappals to squash to death all my enemies. once, baba caught me while killing a line of ants. he shouted. i broke into tears. he doesn’t really shout at me that often. nor does my mother actually. it’s just that when they do, i well up, almost involuntarily.

but somehow ever since i’ve been against killing cockroaches, lizards or anything else i necessarily don’t eat. i went back on vow of not killing ants just sometime back, after they decided to infest every single inch of this house. and i am sorry they don’t respond to vinegar that well.


okay. what is actually bothering me? think. think. it’s this. i even went ahead and posted my question on askphilosophers some time back, but anyway they haven’t approved of it for some reason. so whether you’re philosopher or not, here’s my question:

ever since, i started serious work on the anti-nuclear debate, i’ve tried real hard to listen to the other sides of the argument. For instance, the government has already gone ahead and invested so much money, would they even think of going back on it?

the question

why do people think it’s okay for ten to suffer just because maybe a thousand might benefit by running their coffee machines?

a nuclear plant is not only a disaster when malfunctioning; it is a disaster when functioning. world over, there is not a single nuclear plant that is not protested against.


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