it’s raining here

i’ve had a tough day. maybe, just maybe, multi-tasking is not for me. but, without multi-tasking i’ll die. anyway, film, paint, words, phone calls, the day has been so hectic that i’ve missed some pretty amazing appointments in its course.

as far as the week goes, success may not be the exact word, but fun and happiness, a little bit of my back feeling like it has been torn into pieces, and excitement wraps it all up so nicely.

painted a wall. 

things can’t get better than that can they. other than that PMS instigated irritation with all those people thronging around the wall, ‘sam, what can i paint? what colour can i use?’ – all those voices all around – i thoroughly enjoyed it. i’m waiting for the photographs to reach me – as usual. and maybe, then i’ll add it here.


tomorrow is the big day. the concert, the theatre, and for that i am currently painting an umbrella. never thought of doing that before. so that’s one good idea to be written down so i don’t forget.

it is raining here

so i hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow during the concert. SPACES is open air. but the umbrellas might come to use then! 😀

signing off. more painting.


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