the global village #02

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i’ve seriously been multi-tasking for over a week now. every night, i beg my head please please please don’t get a new idea, just get the work done. and boom. a new idea. a new thing to do. one minute i am drawing. the next i am washing vessels. the third i am watching tv. the fourth i am writing. the fifth i am editing a piece by someone so totally random. sixth i am choosing what to put next on screen at chaikadai. seventh i am checking what all i am supposed to do. eighth i am making all the pending calls. ninth i am cutting up newspapers for possible collages. tenth i am back on my notebook. now as usual i am exhausted. 

anyway, the city, the global village… continued

i started reading and writing about cities, because i am actually interested in exploring the other end of the spectrum: free love. by free love i mean not just the act of freely loving, but i am encompassing all kinds of freedom as free love. because, love whether for yourself or for others is what creates freedom. so, with regard to understanding the politics of space, i am reading edward t hall’s anthropological book the hidden dimension. here’s a quote to begin:

Man is an organism with a wonderful and extraordinary past. He is distinguished from the other animals by virtue of the fact that he has elaborated what i have termed extensions of his organism…man has been able to improve or specialize various functions. the computer is an extension of part of the brain, the telephone extends the voice, the wheel extends the legs and feet.  Language extends experience in time and space while writing extends language. Man has elaborated his extensions to such a degree that we are apt to forget that his humanness is in his animal nature.

i am actually waiting for some money to pour into my bank so i can buy alessandro boffa’s you’re an animal viskovitz. just a reminder.

when i walk around chennai, especially on this recently developing IT sectors, i look at all these high rise buildings. the constant construction, has made the microclimate of these originally sprawling marshlands highly humid, but dry. my nostrils burn. there’s cement lining on my face. i am going to take an hour to clean up. these high rise towers remind me of some tower of babel obsession the world is up to. who has the tallest building? who has the longest bridge? who has the biggest nose?


man is a social animal: teachers chant this during sociology, philosophy, biology, history, economics, and anthropology lectures. humans are animals. that puts me at peace for now. because, now i think searching for the animalness, or like edward t hall puts it, the humanness in my animal nature, coming back in touch with it, would do me good. that’s one step to free love.

abruptly stopping this as usual. i want to write a new blog post. bye.

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