why not walk around with an mp3 recorder?

It is the work of documenting, that has increased my faith in first hand information. Without experiencing it, and meeting a story face to face, we cannot take back any essence; forget giving it to others. The act of re-telling should be transparent.

facebook updated. this blogs hangs on my clothesline.

working on a documentary now. learning how to tell a story i don’t know yet. there are strings. they too, hanging.

it’s women.

they are haunting my head. they are in me, my printed body. they seem to have these voices, deep hidden stories, so many convictions, so many troubles, wherever whatever they are. My breathing patterns are heavier after sun down.

…there is this translucent purple beauty to this smile they share. sometimes, the skin on these faces ask me, ‘is there trouble in neglecting beauty products?’ the dusty photo on the wall, where the skin sits tells me that it has too many stories. i had the most horrible skin in my twelfth grade and first year college. it was rough, bulging with fat, and tired. i always feel i have seen too much. i don’t know if that is good or bad. i didn’t feel good in this skin. it took me four years to be happy with my face again. a thought:

every story walks past you. everything is a story. and each story has to be retold – expressed. to be freed. to walk on. to move on to someone else. stories are clouds of air walking around amongst us. 


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