cooking eggs with every meal

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Chaos Chaos, the protozoan, can be spotted with the naked eye. It dances furiously, creating new worlds every milli-second. Chaos Chaos invaded my brain, as an idea of a three year old. Amidst books, people, theatrical spaces, restrictive communities, my mind dances exploring new ways of existing.


Baba and Amma were leaning on the wall smoking cigarettes. From the pile of books on either side of the bed, one of them would read aloud for me — Karl Marx, Freud, Mills & Boon, or William.


A baby’s head is like an omelet, its understanding of the world, let alone the real and unreal, is very scattered. Baba said before he gulped down the last bit of coffee.  I am always battling against circumstance and time, refusing to let them solidify my body, head, and mind, by reading, writing, making plays…


For three hours, this fifteen year old girl and I had with love shared every minute of our lives with each other. So you never read? I tried to mask my disappointment for a while. Will you at least try? She punched me on my left shoulder. Why ka, what’s the use of reading books?  This agitated me. The three hour love had dissolved a bit.  I needed to clarify. So, do you watch or read anything? She thought for a few minutes and shot me with her crude teenage humour. There’s no use.


Recently, I read The Hidden Dimension by Edward T Hall an anthropological exploration of how humans interact with public and private space. It altered the way I had conceived how four people can use a space and rewrote a play. Online I read about Chaos Chaos.


As we get older we have to be careful not to become hard boiled eggs. Baba added.


reading & writing – a month of it. a dream to turn my house into a library. 

read Saraswati Park, You’re An Animal, Viskovitz!, Zapatista Stories, To a Dancing God, DA-da, and began Dead Souls

so much about reading and writing. a wonderful trip.

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