continuity, building up a vocabulary and method with largely the same group of actors after a number of productions, leads to work of experiment and improvisation of a sophisticated kind

said Peter Hall.

in story of a process i wrote differently. somehow my mind was shut down to his words. it still is. some times i find myself defending myself in front of this apparition. the same group is quite an impossibility. some times even boring. maybe, no play of mine could be perfect in a sense. because, the performance for me is one part of the process. the performance the presentation is bound to get better. it’s the entire process my heart is at.


but i am re-reading these words of his i have jotted in down in a notebook. staring at it, in fact. it definitely will be so wonderful to have a group we can stick with, to mull over things with, to throw things at each other, but does that group necessarily need to be the actors? does acting alone make theatre?

maybe, yes.

maybe, no.

still at my first step.

trying to figure out.

so bleah!

but wait let me just finish the Peter Hall quote. it is after all only those lines mentioned above that i am reluctant to digest.


everybody involved can readily acknowledge that the work is picking up where they left off. but in english theatre [any theatre], even at a highly subsidized organization like the RNT, it is most often the case that the director is starting each production with an ad hoc group of actors, a diverse and nervous group who, preforce, must be turned quickly into a company … breakthroughs of trust and courage occur amidst an atmosphere of mutual respect and good humour.


off to sleep.


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